In which Stella tells a winter tale.

I'm really excited to share with you a seasonal addition to my candle range - a gift set in a trilogy of winter-themed fragrances. I'll be launching these on the website and at the market over December; the little candles are about a third of the size of my single candles and super cute, though they are made with the same 100% natural wax blend as their bigger siblings.

Winter Spiced Mandarin in focus

I was inspired to make the trilogy by visiting friends and family at this time of year - and that wonderful transition from being outside in the cold - breath misting in the air - to being warm and cozy in the heart of a home, surrounded by glowing golden light, good people and comforting aromas. The three candle fragrances that make up this trilogy all associate well with the coldest part of the year, they are; Norwegian Wood, Winter Spiced Mandarin and Bay Rum.

Norwegian wood represents the outdoors in my trilogy; its fir tree and wood smoke fragrance reminds me of winter walks through the countryside, discovering a little pub, and knowing that good food and a warm welcome await (I always think of the Darrowby Inn in Thirsk - a more cosy little pub I have yet to find.)

Winter Spiced Mandarin is the second part of my trilogy - it evokes mulled wine and spiced punches and the gorgeous smells that I remember from walking into my Grandmothers house in Grey County, Ontario at any point from about mid-November through to the end of January; It's the warmth of a fire and a wee dram to keep out the cold.

The final part of my trilogy is Bay Rum, and takes us all the way into the heart of the home. Though not perhaps a classic winter scent, the fragrance lends itself well to thoughts of winter festivals and long feasts - it's a flaming Christmas pudding topped off with a boozy rum sauce, or the waft of a Christmas cake baking in the kitchen. There's no doubt that it's the most indulgent candle in the trilogy - and as rich in nostalgia as it is in West Indian Bay leaf and spices.

I do hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them (my workshop smells like Fortnum & Masons on Christmas eve!).

Love, Stella. xx

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