In which Stella tells a winter tale.

I'm really excited to share with you a seasonal addition to my candle range - a gift set in a trilogy of winter-themed fragrances. I'll be launching these on the website and at the market over December; the little candles are about a third of the size of my single candles and super cute, though they are made with the same 100% natural wax blend as their bigger siblings. I was inspired to make the trilogy by visiting friends and family at this time of year - and that wonderful transition from being outside in the cold - breath misting in the air - to being warm and cozy in the heart of a home, surrounded by glowing golden light, good people and comforting aromas. The three candle fragrances t

In which Stella goes to market.

The main 'front of house' for my business is my stall on Maltby Street Market, it's where I can meet and talk with you lovely people face to face (which I love - do come and say hello!), where potential stockists come and meet me, and where I can judge the reaction to new products or scent blends; It's my store-front and my office, and where I share my trials and tribulations with other small business entrepreneurs - my colleagues and friends. It seems a long time ago that I first walked down Ropewalk with my picnic baskets of soap. One post-Christmas Saturday, I met up with some friends down at Ropewalk (as I did most weeks back then, though just for the atmosphere and the amazing street fo

In which Stella cures her insomnia.

Talking with ‘Stella Says’ founder Krystal Stella Coss about the new ‘Bedtime Ritual’ range. Thank you for joining us this morning - it’s quite an early start. You’re very welcome! It’s lovely to be here. The ‘Bedtime Ritual’ range is new this month, what prompted you to develop it? I was diagnosed with a sleeping disorder as a child and I’ve struggled with poor sleep my whole life - Lying awake, tossing and turning for hours, feeling exhausted and being unable to get up in the morning was a pretty permanent fixture. I tried many remedies, but none of them had any long term success; many actually left me feeling worse.Which makes it crazy that it actually took me so long to apply my knowled

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