Pamper and protect from head to toe with a sumptuously rich, yet feather-light formula, that melts on contact, absorbing quickly, leaving your skin feeling smooth & hydrated.


This greaseless balm is lovingly handcrafted with organic shea, mango & cocoa butters, blended with pure essential oils and whipped to a light consistency to nourish, soothe and protect, without clogging pores. Arrowroot and yarrow extract help control any excess sebum, aid natural healing and make this balm suitable for all skin types.


Delicately and deliciously scented using pure essential oils of citrussy and uplifting Verbena, warm, spicy, and  circulation-boosting Ginger, and woody, balsamic Cedarwood, known for its skin-purifying qualities.


Non-greasy, vegan-friendly and 100% natural.


60ml by volume when filled.


Whipped Organic Body Balm - Verbena & Ginger

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  • Inspired by distant memories of exotic adventures, the bright and crisp citrus top notes of verbena essential oil are grounded in a warm, invigorating ginger spice and mellow, resinous cedarwood. This scent is created entirely by blending pure essential oils and has proven very popular with both men and women.