Part of our new Bedtime Ritual Sleep Kit, and available here as individual sprays in either 50ml or 100ml amber glass bottles. Naturally sleep-promoting essential oils are combined in this sublimely aromatic Pillow Spray.

My own, tried and tested blend, of herbal Lavender, citrussy Bergamot, and hints of Sweet Orange, Cedarwood and musky Vetiver, creates a wonderfully grounding and relaxing fragrance.

Mist four or five times above your pillow before sleep, and relax.

Alternatively, spray into the air of your bedroom or indeed anywhere you wish to create a calming atmosphere. I created this to combat my own sleep and anxiety problems and can promise you that it works for me.

I now keep a bottle by the side of my bed, one in the car and a small one in my handbag for everyday use!

Stella Says Bedtime Ritual Pillow Spray

  • 50ml - Small enough to cram into the fullest of glove boxes, handbags, nappy bags, briefcases (do people still use those?) or double up to the 100ml bottle to keep beside the bed, in the nursery, the bathroom or even the loo, and it will still fit in your carry-on (do people still use those?) You get the idea.

    Keep one on hand anywhere you might want to create a calming (and heavenly scented) atmosphere for yourself, and those around you.  


  • This is not just a Lavender-Pillow-Night-Night-Spray.

    And This does NOT smell like Nan’s closet (unless she actually uses this - Hi Nan!)

    This carefully researched, tried & tested formula with pure essential oils, has been blended into the mist of all mists, to help you relax, clear your mind, feel grounded and calm.

    It’s a multi-purpose tool, and there’s a LOT more going on in here than just Lavender.

    I’ve got a bit of a love / hate relationship with Lavender to be quite candid. I mean, I love the plant in my garden and want it in a vase on my table. I LOVE the beautiful fields of bluey-purple waves and want to take a million photos on Instagram, but the essential oil itself can be a bit... well... let's just say it's really hard to find a really good supplier.

    Maybe I'm just super fussy or maybe I've just been overexposed. Even when I find a 'good' Lavender, it's still not something I love on its own, so I don’t know if it’s the citrussy Bergamot, the cashmere-like Vetiver, the resinous Cedarwood or something magical that happens in the blend of these and their supporting cast of other essential oils that has earned my Bedtime Rituals Pillow Spray such a following, but I just love this fragrance, I can’t live without the results, and I cannot remember the last time I came back from a market with any left - it always sells out! If I'm really stressed, I've even been known to wear it as a perfume, as the base is skin safe and also used for making body sprays.

    So yes, it is a Lavender Pillow Spray, but don’t stick rigidly to the title on the label, I had limited space to work with!