Take one of Stella's legendary shaving soaps and add a (cruelty free and vegan) bamboo handled shaving brush - chosen by Stella for it's soft feel and great lather building properties. Add a soft cotton shaving cloth, then pop in a stylish gift tin, tie with a bow and hey presto: No more scruffy Santa. 

Original Shaving Kit

Shaving Soap Choice
  • - 1 Black Pepper, Sandlewood & Patchouli shaving soap (90g)

    - 1 Ethically sourced, man made fibre and bamboo handled shaving brush.

    - 1 100% cotton shaving cloth.

    - 1 reusable tin gift box.


    - Neither product not box contain animal or animal derived ingredients or components.

    - PS: These products were tested only on willing, (now clean shaven) humans.

    - PPS: The 'shaving bowl' in the photo is to illustrate the wonderful lathering properties of soap and brush - it's not actually required, although it does look kind of awesome!



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