Winter Spiced Mandarin represents the welcoming warmth of an opened door - it evokes mulled wine and spiced punches and the gorgeous smells that I remember from walking into my Grandmother’s house as a child. She probably didn’t have in her kitchen all 15 components of this blend of pure essential oils I’ve used in this concoction, but something tells me she would heartily approve of the frankincense & myrrh.  


Each candle is 220g net wax blend. Hand poured in a frosted glass tumbler.  

Polished steel lids available separately.

Spiced Mandarin Organic Home Candle

  • Each and every candle is lovingly crafted in very small batches, entirely by hand, from start to finish.

    The special wax blend, created by Stella, contains no fossil fuel derivatives like paraffin, no parabens or phthalates and, unlike common soy wax, these simple, natural ingredients have not been genetically modified, mega-farmed, caused de-forestation or treated with petrochemicals like hexane and hydrogenated just to become wax.

    Stella’s closely guarded blend is created with only pure, natural beeswax blended in precise proportions to raw, organic, wet-milled, hand-pressed & fairly-traded, extra virgin coconut oil (say that ten times fast!)  You will find no soy or palm ingredients in any of our products. That's a promise.

    With the exception of Bay Rum & Sea Salt, which also contain paraben-free and phthalate-free fragrance oils, Stella has created all of the other beautiful scents by blending only pure botanical essential oils, creating a truly unique and 100% natural organic candle, right down to the wooden wick, which crackles gently as it burns, for that extra special ambiance, kinda like your own miniature log fire, but without the soot and smoke.