This is NOT a cream.


Creams are created by blending oil and water and require emulsifiers and preservatives to remain stable. A balm uses no water and is very, very, different. It requires no artificial additives, it's so concentrated its incredibly long-lasting, and needs very little packaging.

It's a win for your skin and a win for the earth.


This luxurious, non-greasy, organic formula is lovingly handcrafted using only the finest pure and natural ingredients, each one selected for their individual skin-loving qualities, and to be quickly and easily absorbed into your hard-working hands.

Nourishing, Shea and Mango butters have been used for hundreds of years for their anti-inflammatory and emollient properties, to soothe dry and irritated skin, while pure beeswax, high in restorative vitamin A and studied the world over for its anti-microbial properties, provides a natural protective barrier to lock in your skin’s natural moisture, especially important when washing your hands a million times a day!


And because this soothing balm is not watered down,  just a pea-sized amount should do – with maybe even enough left over for your elbows, or to smooth those split ends!

A long lasting, nourishing treat your hard working hands will thank you for.

Available in three, 100% natural scents, each created with a blend of pure essential oils.


20g packaged in a hand-filled recyclable aluminium tube.

Organic Hand Rescue Balm

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  • Rose Geranium & Bergamot - The fresh, herbal notes of Rose Geranium, the citrussy twist of Bergamot and a slightly sweet warmth of Ho Wood combine to create a wonderfully light, clean fragrance that is at once rosy-floral, woody and warm.