Hand-blended, gorgeous fragrances in beautiful apothecary bottles, stopped with corks and sealed with beeswax.

Incredibly long lasting, each are supplied with a set of extra-long reeds and helpful usage notes so you can control the strength of fragrance in your space.

Perfect housewarming gifts or an instant mood lift in any space!  


Click on the names below for a detailed description of each of our exquisite scent creations.  Those blends with a higher concentration of the more costly essential oils have a slightly higher price point, for obvious reasons. Worth every penny.  


*bespoke & customisable orders available as wedding favours and corporate gifts.

Natural Reed Diffusers by Stella Says Artisan Apothecary

  • Herbal, subtly floral, with citrus top notes. This fragrance, created from pure essential oils,  is reminiscent of sipping Earl Grey, whilst daydreaming in the dappled shade of an English summer garden...Oh Mr Darcy, I didn't realise you were bathing...