Natural, Ethical, Beautiful Soap.


To create this skin-nourishing, inherently moisturising, natural soap, I hand-blend ethically produced, organic oils & butters, like nutrient-rich olive, coconut, shea & avocado, each selected for their individual skin-loving properties. Natural clays, mineral salts & botanical extracts are added for their specific detoxifying or exfoliating qualities and add a beautiful tint of natural colour, whilst keeping the cleansing gentle. 


Unlike the mass produced bars lining the supermarket shelves, this traditional method of natural soapmaking retains the natural glycerine created in the process, which draws moisture to the skin instead of stripping it away. 


Each handcrafted organic soap bar is approximately 120g.

Handcrafted Organic Soap Bars

  • One thing I love about natural, handmade soaps is how beautiful you can make them, using nothing more than botanical extracts and mineral rich clays. Even though I use the same formula each time, natural variations in the organic ingredients can create from subtle to stark differences, meaning you are cleansing with a unique piece of original art. 

    Ok, it's still soap…but with its seductive fragrance of herbal rose geranium, citrussy bergamot, and a sweet, warm hint of Ravensara essential oils ,the Moroccan clay, which not only gently draws out impurities but also moisturises and gives it a beautiful pinkish-red sunset hue, this bar of soap will leave you with more than just a Mona Lisa smile.