Delicately scented with essential oils, hand-blended with moisturising hemp seed oil, shea & cocoa butters to enrich the olive & coconut oil recipe, we've created a shaving soap with extra hydrating, lathery goodness. Gentle enough for daily use. No more nasty aerosols with chemical surfactants for you my friend! Just wet your shaving brush, open the tin, give it a good swirl to work up the lather, and apply to whichever hairy bit you want to be less so. I'm sure you know what to do after that...

When finished, splash with cold, clean water, pat dry and layer up with some of our famous soothing Stella Says Artisan Apothecary Organic Beard Balm, as a solid aftershave, to moisturise and smell doubly lovely.  


1 x 90g Stella Says Artisan Apothecary Organic Shaving Soap in an easily recycled aluminium tin

Organic Shaving Soap

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  • Stella Says signature Black Pepper, Sandalwood & Patchouli essential oil blend. Warm, woody & herbal with activated charcoal to help draw out impurities - and to make it look gorgeous in your bathroom.