Our Organic Beard Balm not only ‘tames ‘taches and ditches itches’, but also soothes and moisturises freshly shaven skin. 
Use on all chins, cheeks, and necks, from freshly shaven or designer stubbled to fully furnished and flowing fuzzy-wuzzies.  

Handcrafted with the finest organic skin-loving oils & butters like jojoba & mango, vitamin e, beeswax and delicately scented with only pure essential oils, think of it as both a moisturiser for your skin and a solid  and non-greasy beard oil for your fuzz.

Handcrafted Organic Beard Balm

  • "What exactly is Beard Balm" is a question I get asked on a very frequent basis. Followed by "but my beard isn't long enough for that, is it?" 

    Stop. Come here. Listen... This isn't just about you. Yes, really.

    Beards, whether they be 'just a bit of lazy stubble', or a foot long, face-full of character, should be treated with the respect they deserve. After all, they can completely change a man's appearance. They can add character, style and personality. They can be incredibly sexy & sophisticated too. But have you ever snuggled up close to one? Even the shortest of stubble, if not treated properly, can wreak havoc on, and even create, sensitive skin. They can itch, they can flake and they can take on a life of their own. 

    Beard Balm to the rescue. 
    This handcrafted formula is a rich mix of skin-loving oils and butter, which moisturises, soothes and protects the skin underneath. From calming the skin after your very last shave, and preventing the early beard-sprout itch, all the way through to helping treat & prevent "beardruff", and yes, that is apparently a thing now. The beeswax is not just a styling ingredient for taming strays or achieving the perfect handlebar moustache twirls, but also a natural antibacterial skin healer & protectant. And I don't just mean for the skin of the wearer but the skin of the snuggler too. The argan oil, jojoba and hemp oils work with the shea & coco butter to soften the hair itself - to make it softer and less prickly and altogether much more pleasant to get close to. Oh, and did I mention it smells gorgeous too?

    Trust me. Try it. You and your partner will thank me!