I’ve struggled with poor sleep my whole life and it was miserable! Lying awake, tossing and turning for hours and then feeling just exhausted and unable to get up in the morning. Not anymore! I’m so excited to finally share with you my new Bedtime Ritual. This beautiful kit contains everything you need for a completely natural good night’s sleep. I hope you love it as much as I do!

My Bedtime Ritual

Brew a cup of soothing Bedtime tea.

Run a warm bath using a handful of Lavender & Vetiver Bedtime Ritual Bath Soak

Light a Lavender & Chamomile Natural Candle and place it somewhere safe.

Dim the lights & get a fluffy towel ready.

Slowly sip the tea whilst soaking in the warm bath.

NO SCREENS! Blue light messes up your circadian rhythm and should be avoided the hour before bed.

After the bath, cleanse face & teeth etc. and make sure the candle is extinguished – careful of the hot glass!

Lightly spritz the air above the pillow and bedding with the Lavender & Bergamot Bedtime Ritual Pillow Spray. (Try on an inconspicuous place first – just in case!)

Use some Lavender & Chamomile Lip Rescue Balm on lips, and massage a little dab gently into temples, as well as the spot just under the nose.

Now hop into bed, pop in the ear plugs, don the sleep mask, take three deep, long, slow breaths and drift away into a blissful sleep.

Bedtime Ritual Sleep Kit

  • This Bedtime Ritual Kit contains:

    • 1 x 13hr mini Lavender & Chamomile candle - PLEASE NOTE THIS CANDLE HAS BEEN UPGRADED to a 15hr travel candle in an amber glass jar with a screw top lid. Updated photos to follow shortly.

    • 95g Lavender & Vetiver Bath Soak

    • 50ml Lavender & Bergamot Pillow Spray

    • 8g Lavender & Chamomile Lip Rescue Balm

    • 3 x Organic Bedtime Tea (brand may vary)

    • Sleep mask & ear plugs



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