A modern twist on this original classic. Apparently Bay Rum was one of the earliest aftershave fragrances, first made in the 1800's in St Thomas, in the West Indian Islands, using their native bay tree, spices and of course, rum. That just makes me think of pirates. And I'm sure they never smelled as nice as this! Think warm, peppery spice tempered with fresh lime & the herbal freshness of green leaves. No actual rum however, and no longer imported from the new world to the old in cargo ships, I make my own blend right here in South East London.

Bay Rum - Natural Beeswax Candle

  • This very special blend is created with only 100% pure & natural beeswax and raw, organic, wet-milled, hand-pressed & fairly traded, extra virgin coconut oil. The best-selling “Brittany Sea Salt” fragrance is paraben & phthalate free and Stella has created all of the other beautiful scents by blending only pure essential oils, creating a truly unique and 100% natural candle, right down to the wooden wick, which crackles gently as it burns to add that little something extra special to the atmosphere.



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