Either before or after you immerse yourself in your warm, steamy bath, drop one spa bomb into the water and watch it transform your tub into a beautiful home spa paradise! These luscious little explosions of moisturising coconut oil, deliciously fragrant, natural essential oils, soothing mineral salts and French mineral clays add a touch of skin nourishing magic to any soak...simply lie back and enjoy (soft candle lighting and a glass of something fizzy optional).

Each box contains two each of French Lavender & Eucalyptus with Cornflower blossoms; Jasmine & Grapefruit with Calendula petals and Rosewood & Geranium with Rose petals. All with natural essential oils, mineral salts, coconut oil & French clay (organza bag included, so you can contain the egg or not, as you choose).


Approximately 75 grams per egg.

Spa Bombs. Selection box of 6 beautiful fizzy eggs

  • Spa Bombs are what bath bombs want to be when they grow up. Whilst still safe for kids, you'll be reluctant to share these little egg-shaped beauties with anyone! Seductively scented, beautifully presented and fizzingly good fun.  Add one to a hot bath and watch the skin-loving mineral salts & French clays fizz away as they dissolve, releasing the coconut oil, essential oils and beautiful botanicals, turning your bathtub into a seductively fragrant and soothing paradise to leave you feeling truly pampered.



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