Norwegian Wood - not the Beatles song, nor the very first Murikami novel I ever read, but my 100% pure essential oil blend. Think freshly cut wood, fir & cypress needles, earthy, mossy bark with musky resins - put this in any room where you have (or wish you had) a roaring fire. Or muddy boots. Or are inclined to snuggle up and pine for the fjords.

100ml cork-stoppered glass apothecary bottles, supplied with a full set of reeds in an organza bag.

Norwegian Wood Reed Diffuser Room Fragrance

  • Essential oils are flammable and can cause skin irritation in some individuals at certain strengths. Keep away from naked flames or sources of high heat. Do not light the reeds. Use gloves when flipping the reeds. Protect polished surfaces from drips, which might cause damage. Keep out of reach of billowing curtains, children & pets. Do not ingest. Wash skin if it comes in direct contact with the oils. Seek medical advice if irritation develops. Please recycle your bottle after use!



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