I love this bar. Yes, it is a soap. It will clean you. Perfect for getting food smells like garlic or smoked salmon off your hands in the kitchen - or gardener's grime too - but it's so much more than a soap! It's like a massage, a spa treatment and cup of coffee all in one. If my soaps are like my children, this is the one I would feel a bit guilty about because it's clearly my favourite.
The fresh goat's milk is a soapy superfood, supplying your skin with vital vitamins & amino acids to soothe, moisturise and aid in cell renewal. To that I've added a generous helping of fresh coffee grounds from Craft Coffee (Maltby Street Market regulars will recognise them as the busy little coffee kiosk opposite my stall on Saturdays), and cinnamon leaf essential oil to gently stimulate circulation & exfoliate dead skin cells. Even the caffeine in the coffee grounds is put to work as it's reported to be a great anti-cellulite treatment. What more do you want?!


Average weight 120 grams

Goat Milk, Cinnamon & Craft Coffee Scrub Bar

  • To create this skin-nourishing, moisturising soap, I hand-blend organic oils & butters of coconut, olive, castor, cocoa, shea, rapeseed & avocado. I use the traditional cold process method to retain its natural glycerine and make it gentle enough to use on your face as well as your hands and body.

    Ingredients: Saponified Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Castor Oil & Avocado Oil with added Fresh Goat's Milk, Fresh Craft Coffee Grounds,Rosemary Oleoresin Extract & the Essential Oil Blend.



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